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Café du Cycliste Handlebar Bag

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Constructed from a fully waterproof premium fabric, a TPU coated hypalon for maximum durability and protection, the bar bag has heat welded seams and a waterproof zip. It’s built to keep things safe from rain, dust and dirt and provide extra carrying capacity when pockets are not enough. For carrying more and riding further.

The bag is positioned below the bars to ensure there is no interference with lights or GPS computers and the wide opening allows easy access even when riding. It features a sturdy and secure 3-point attachment set-up with a quick release buckle along with a bungee cord system to increase storage options still further.

Featuring the Café du Cycliste flying fish badge and available in two colours, the bar bag is ideal for extending adventures by hours, into days and beyond.

The handlebar bag has a capacity of 2.9 liters and the dimensions are 24cm x 11.5cm x 10.5cm. It is suitable for all bikes which have a minimum of 18cm clearance between the bars and the front tire.